JCI has more than 40 years' experience in job training and placement and
has built a strong partnership with local employers in the community.

Employers work directly with our Employment Specialists who assist them with staffing needs, assistive technology and workplace accommodations.
JCI also functions as a competitive employer and procures contract work from local employers to provide job training and skill development.



  • Applicant Referrals
    • Screening & skill matching of potential applicants
  • Training Assistance
  • Education
    • Training on ADA, disabilities, and other work related issues for managers/employees
  • Job Site Modifications
    • Identification with workplace needs & funding sources
  • Job Site Consultation & Support
    • Ongoing follow-up with employers to ensure employment success of all referrals
    • On-the-job training pays wages per funding guidelines
    • Work experience pays wages at employer sites for designated periods

What can EMPLOYERS do?

Hire, retain, and advance people with barriers to employment. In business, the investment that drives innovation is talent. The knowledge, skills, and abilities employees bring to work each day are by far the assets that yield the most output over the long term. Whether good economic times or bad, it’s the organizations that know how to identify and recognize talent that are most likely to succeed.

Join an elite group of local employers and recruit from a pool of WORKERS WHO ARE…